Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM! Don’t Believe the Fake Reviews!

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Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM! Don’t Believe the Fake Reviews!

Posted on by John Thiel

The Zero Loss Formula and Peter Morgan is the latest binary options trading software. Recently launched, this app claims to have zero losses, but we discovered this auto-trader is a SCAM after conducting an in-depth review and examination of the facts. It seems there are a lot of FAKE REVIEWS and affiliate marketers supporting this latest bogus system, so before you decide to risk your money you should seriously consider your options because these crooks are out to get you and will surely steal your money. Wanna see how this scam works? Keep reading and find out.

Official Scam Website:

Review – What is the Zero Loss Formula?
As told by the presenter in the video, Peter Morgan, this system operates by utilizing the unique Zero Loss Formula programming code. This unique code was supposedly developed by the fable teller and his Wall Street friends. This cheater doesn’t really expand on how the software works, so we decided to dig in a bit deeper and check out who this character really is. What we found should come as no surprise, as mentioned in the Zero Loss Formula SCAM Review on Binary Scam Alerts Peter Morgan is an actor and a cheater. You should not believe a word of what he is saying since he has already earned a reputation for being a first class scam artist.

Fake Reviews and a High End Production – What’s Behind It?
Below is an example of how a fake review site looks like and how it presents the information in a most misleading and deceitful manner. We find this type of activity to be unacceptable and irresponsible. Writers and bloggers have a responsibility towards their members and it is a type of social contract which is getting consistently violated on a daily basis.
Analyst Zero Loss Formula

The reasons for this type of activity is clear and plain to see. The people peddling this garbage are affiliate marketers who could care less about the well-being of their subscribers. They put their interests first and see the profit margins only, and at some point they will end up paying for their transgressions  in one way or another.

Fake Testimonials? Hell Yea!
Meet Banjoman15, one of the most active actors around. You can’t blame him for spewing lies, that’s his profession right? Well, wrong because his face is plastered over so many review sites with a big fat X on it (and with good reason), that he is actually doing himself and his career a dis-service.

50 Beta Testers or 50 Victims?
If you decide to test the proverbial waters of this software, here is what will happen:
1. You will get a barrage of phone calls for nasty brokers with a strange accent trying to get you to deposit MORE money.
2. You will get ruthlessly SPAMMED from various sources.
3. Your email and personal details will most likely be re-sold to third parties – so get ready for a serious SPAM attack offering you all sorts of nasty offers such as dating, online pharmaceuticals, and gambling sites.
4. Depending on your  broker, you may very well get over-charged.

What Does Work?
Well, we endorse the Binary Profit Method. This system has endured the test of time and is here to stay, so we are giving it our vote of confidence.

Binary Profit Method

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Zero Loss Formula and Peter Morgan is a SCAM, and our impartial review has provided all the evidence necessary to validate our claims. Initially we gave this system the benefit of the doubt and tried it out, alas the money was blown in a matter of minutes and we were deluged  with phone calls from a fake UK phone number you can’t call back. In light of this we have blacklisted this software and recommend other investment channels and strategies. Check out our Facebook page for updates.


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