SafeGuard Trader is a Malicious SCAM, Review Exposes Fake App

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SafeGuard Trader is a Malicious SCAM, Review Exposes Fake App

Posted on by John Thiel

We are posting a severe SCAM Review and BLACKLISTING the SafeGuard Trader Software, App, and Auto-trader, allegedly owned and managed by one David Hefner. We have recently received a steady stream of complaints from some of our traders in regards to this system, who claim they were contacted by aggressive email marketers wishing to coerce them into joining this illegal program and using heavy-handed sales tactics such as baiting and false advertising. We tried contacting these people to get some clarification about why they choose to mislead day-traders in such a rude and unprofessional manner, the response we received was condescending and insulting. So, as a response we made a decision to conduct a full review and investigation into this rogue app, the results may surprise some of you, while others will receive validation for their previous concerns. The SafeGuard Trader software is a confirmed binary options investment SCAM and the people behind it are crooks posing as legit business owners.

Proof of SCAM
The image below provides proof of SCAM and explains how it is conducted. The outfit behind this scheme used the same actor and called him David Hefner, which is the same individual behind a similar scam called the GPS trader. We tried finding him in but could not, which means they paid him more than the usual salary but the fact that they are not cheap does not reduce the severity of their actions and unethical business practices.
safeguardtraderanalystGenerally speaking, here at Binary Options Analyst we try teaching people how to trade and focus on strategies however we have found out our members are more interested in automated trading tools, signals, bots, and trade copiers, so our reviews will try to shed light on these systems as well.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

SafeGuard Trader Software Scam Review
So, here’s a short recap of what this thing is about. We have this bearded buffoon named David (AKA Richard) Hefner telling us how he made 10 people millionaires last month with his bogus app, and now he is offering us $33,000 in our checking account tomorrow morning. He then proceeds to mention something called his “express high-value payment transport” which means you will have the money derived from your winnings trades in your bank account “the following day”. Additionally he mentions the the Safe Guard Protocol which is a legal and ethical software engineered to make it “mathematically impossible to lose even a single trade”. Well, we have had it with these fake offers and false statements about profits on Auto-pilot, and would like to see actual and updated proof from the broker’s trading history.

Furthermore, the use of inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, image bank photos, phony social feeds, and un-clickable links are practically found everywhere. There is not a single shred of transparency, accuracy, responsiveness, or professionalism we could find in this system. Well this is not exactly true, they are very professional ripoff artists you can be sure of that. So, whatever you try doing the strategies we taught here won’t work for you. Forget the Brexit and USD/GBP, and candle stick analysis won’t help you in the least bit. Just realize you have been scammed and move on.

Do We Need To Pay for this System?
Yes, it will cost you around $250 which will be paid through one of their recommended brokers. If you have an existing account it will not work.

Similar Scams
These include the GPS Trader, Quick Cash System,, and Amissio Formula.

What Does Work?
Well, we recommend you try Crunch Tech since it is very easy to use and all the math is done for you by trained staff.

Summary and Conclusions
The SafeGuard Trader Software, App, and Auto-trader, allegedly owned and managed by one David Hefner is a confirmed binary options investment SCAM. Our review exposed this sham and we have seen it take inferior trades by design in order to steal your money. There is nothing genuine, honest, or legit behind this software and we are warning all our members to stay away. Fee free to join our Facebook Group to get more updates.


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