Centument LTD is a SCAM – Honest Review Exposes Fake APP

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Centument LTD is a SCAM – Honest Review Exposes Fake APP

Posted on by John Thiel

The Centument LTD App and Gerald Reed is being very heavily promoted these days by a variety of binary options affiliates wanting to capitalize on this very deceptive scam and steal your money.

How Does the Scam Work?
Would-be traders are approached in most cases by SPAM email, but also through advertisements and online articles about this new product and how it can make you massive amounts of money by using a bogus automated software system. This software will need to be downloaded or installed in many cases and will infect your computer or device with a virus or type of malware that will steal your credit card and personal details.

Proof of Scam
This software is just a rehash of an older scam called equinox, they just dressed it up differently and gave it a different name but it’s the same people behind it and they will not stop harassing people and aggressively approaching them in order to illegally solicit their personal information and get them to deposit or fund a binary options trading account with one of their recommended brokers.

Centument - Analyst

Furthermore, the most disturbing aspect of this scam is that your are lead to believe you are registering for software, when in reality you are actually signing up for a broker (see above). This is the most troubling aspect of the scam since you are not even aware some broker you are not aware of will be calling you excessively and try to get you to deposit money into your trading account. The best way to get rid of them is just to tell them you don’t have any money to invest, this will stop them for a while until your name pops up in some rotation.

More Proof:
This so called trading software poses as a legitimate system by providing false articles from Bloomberg, Forbes, and CNBC. This is deceptive and misleading advertising tactics, not to mention an outright blatant lie. It’s fairly simple to validate this false claim by simply going to google and copying the phrases you see in article presented. In this case it would be “Centument Fourth-Quarter Profit Rises 69.5% as Clients Add Cash”, I did it and came of with a PDF file of some publicly traded company.

Fake Credentials and Silly Logos
As you can see below these logos don’t mean anything and are not clickable. Why would someone put something like this on a website only the Lord knows, however it strongly implies something fishy is going on and unless there’s no way to validate these claims I would urge you to take a step back and think twice before registering for this type of service.


A Wet Blanket?
I apologize if you see this review and it shattered some misconception you had about making massive amounts of cash on auto-pilot mode. Real trading does not work this way, and unless you have $500K in disposable income to give your investment banker with a real expectation of anything from 3-8% yearly ROI you must realize this is not how money can be made. Real and consistent gains from binary options trading can only come after an extensive period of education, guidance, and access to the proper tools and strategies. You can’t make millions overnight, if that were the case everyone would be rich and that’s not gonna happen.

Signals and Auto-traders
There are very good tools out there that will actually empower you and provide you with legitimate and proven ways to generate additional income on a daily basis. If you are interested in gaining access and guidance please contact me directly at binaryoptionsanalyst@gmail.com. Additionally, if you have been scammed by a dishonest broker like Interactive Option we will help you recover your lost money.

Similar Scams to Avoid
Be careful from scams like the Free Money System, Insured Profits, Binary Matrix Pro, Channel Ranger, Medallion App, Coffee Cash Cheat, Mockingbird Method, and Oz Robot.

Conclusions and Recommendations 
The Centument LTD App is not a legitimate automated trading tool. Gerald Reed is an actor who will not allow you to have “spendable profits overnight”, and in reality it’s a masterpiece SCAM you should avoid at all costs and never disclose any personal information, particularly your credit card number. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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