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BinaryScamAlerts.Com Exposes Fake SCAM Review Sites, Threats Received!

Posted on by John Thiel

The website is well-known for exposing binary options scams and fraudulent trading software. In fact, it is currently one of the leading binary options scam review websites, and has exposed multiple scams on the internet. It has come to our attention that fake review sites are trying to undermine its credibility by publishing negative reviews about how it is managed. There is nothing fishy or disreputable about the conduct of this unique service. In fact, it is directly responsible for salvaging and retrieving stolen funds illegally seized by disreputable offshore brokers. The people who are trying to discredit this valuable service are basically disgruntled 2nd rate bloggers who are being controlled by the industry’s biggest crook. We will reveal his identity at a later time and date and leave this mysterious crook alone for the time being until we decide to expose his misdoings.


Who is Patrick Jones and Why is He Being Targeted?
Well, as specifically mentioned on the website, Patrick Jones is an alias and the picture on the website is used for “illustration purposes”. It is claimed that someone else owns that website, but this is not something that can be verified or for that matter makes any difference. It seems accusations are enough these days and without solid evidence there is nothing that can be done to validate these claims.

Piggybacking on the Reputation of a Reputable Website
Some of the tactics employed by these cyber-hooligans are reminiscent of a mafia style shakedown. It is very evident that the people who are allegedly exposing are the actual crooks themselves, and a closer look will reveal that in some cases they themselves are using aliases and fake names only they are not being transparent about it.

Why Is So Reputable?
There are many fake review sites who publish favorable reviews for outright bribes. It has come to our attention that refused to accept bribes and that is the reason it has maintained such an impeccable reputation compared to other websites. It is also specifically the reason why it is being targeted and “exposed” by so called “honest review sites”. We do not care for this type of criminal activity as it is generally considered to be linked to some form of attempted extortion tactics as well as threats and intimidation. We commend the brave owners of this website and salute them for standing up and refusing to bow their heads while being unlawfully attacked and besmirched. It is our opinion that similar to fake news sites, fake review sites are becoming an epidemic and a plague which is infecting the binary options industry. We know all too well how this food chain operates and why affiliate marketers are being corrupted on a daily basis. It has also come to our attention that get-rich-quick schemes in the form of legit binary options trading have become very popular these days and are promoted via big affiliate networks. It is our intention to blow the lid off of these scams and put things in perspective.

How to Spot a Fake Review Site
The fake review site will usually promote certain get-rich-quick schemes which are built on deception and mislead potential customers or day-traders. In our followup review we will make an example of two websites which have chosen to break their social contract and made a conscious decision to put their welfare and profits before their customers. We absolutely abhor this form of false advertising since it deliberately preys on the weakest segments of society by promising them vast riches at the click of a mouse.

In Stark Contrast stands in Stark Contrast to these fake websites. Honest, fair, and impartial reviews are the hallmark of a well-respected website and we should all remember the obligation a website has to its viewers and subscribers. It should come as no surprise that this website primarily focuses on trading strategies, legitimate ways to profit, as well as broker reviews. However, we have taken a break from tradition to focus on this alarming issue which is disturbing in more than one way.

Review Summary and Conclusions and Patrick Jones are providing an invaluable service to many would-be traders who are looking for a fair and impartial review about binary options scams. We know that Patrick Jones is an alias, however this is totally legitimate and this is explicitly stated on the image in the website. In other words, this website is being targeted because it is fair and honest and NOT because it is shady or unscrupulous. We plan to expose how the fake review websites operate and why doing proper research is essential before choosing the system which is right for you.

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