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Binary Options Cash Back Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Recently there has been growing interest in cashback or various insurance deals for binary options, and this growing trend has spawned a variety of service providers such as Binary Options Brokers Cashback offering real and profitable ways to minimize your risk when trading binary options.

How Does Cash Back Work?
When funding your broker account for the first time, some services basically insure your initial deposit so if you lose your money you get it back so in essence you can’t lose.


After surveying the market I found the one I mentioned previously to be the best one by far. However, there are additional criteria required to get the cash back.

  1. Funding has to be done via the recommended broker section on the site.
  2. You have to prove you lost your money, this is a fraud prevention tactic.
  3. You have to execute a certain amount of trades.
  4. You have to provide a bank or Skrill account

Cashback as a Form of Money Management:
If you are invested in multiple accounts you may very well need some form of cashback deal to mitigate or offset your potential loss. Consider it a form of hedging, as this pretty much answers that description. So, if for example you have 3 open accounts you may use this form of hedging as a money management strategy, the same as you would use buy backs or roll overs to prevent losing trades.

Beat the Brokers at their Own Game:
If you ever had the feeling the brokers are winning too much it’s because you are correct. The game is stacked in their favor and you need some protection, cashback is becoming a prevalent tool in the battle against the broker.

Additional Pointers and Recommendations: 
Brokers don’t really like cashback offers so it would be wise to refrain from telling them about it, simply document your loss and relay the information to the service you are in contact with. If you encounter any difficulties simply contact me through my Facebook page and I will assist you in the matter.

Comparative Analysis:
When looking at the top 4 providers you will see they all lack the same basic ingredients, and that is to actually explain how to leverage cashback as a  risk management tool, and how to utilize it in the most effective way to make gains. They focus on the more cosmetic element of getting money back, which sounds good but it fails to dissect the core issues of trading binary options and how to manage your capital.

To sum up, the brokers are employing a variety of tactics to make sure they hold on to your money. Among the various tools such as signals or automated trading you will need cashback offers to help you minimize risks.



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