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Why Are People Complaining About Binary Options Scams

Posted on by John Thiel

The complaints below are just a few of many emails I have received from traders that have already invested their money through signal software providers such as the German Binary Robot, Binary Matrix Pro, and Profit in 60 Seconds.

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Richie C:

Hey John,
I am hoping to get involved with you and your site but I am very wary because I’ve been burnt by signal systems before and I’ve lost my job so I really need to make a wage and keep my home, can your strategies help me out of the hole I find myself in. An honest opinion would be great.

Thank you Richard

Malcolm R.

Hi John,
Seems like these sites are messing me around as i thought might happen with all their site issues. Their is no phone number or way to contact them when I log in or from the website.

I followed their procedure listed on the withdrawal form now I just used their form on their page to send the same request with their form filled out. I sent email to the person who I spoke to but I don’t believe its their real name.

When i did try to trade manually it kept saying i was not logged in but i could view / edit all my account details i did complain but now reply as well.
I think i will need to list them as a scam site.

Elizabeth C.

Dear John,
I AM so grateful that I found your site!
THANK YOU for helping myself,and others!
Yes… I have been cheated also! Signed up
with Binary Matrix Pro – PlatinumTrader.com

It was recommended (others also) had to put in
$500. BMP was so slow on this PC, action not
fast enough. Requested my withdrawal of $480,
it was pending longer than usual on their
platform – said I would receive but never did.
Wrote to support… they just ignored me –
no response. What Can I Do? I would also like
to get Platinum Trader blacklisted and known as a Scam.

Spotfn is another Liar, and cheat.
Personal experience with them!

Anyway…. I found profitin60seconds
Had to sign up with BeeOptions…deposited $250,
everything is new, have not used/not made any trades.

Some say that it’s a Scam, so did not proceed.
Glad I Did Not request my withdrawal!
Trying to figure out a way to make something work,
and then I found your info.

Looking forward to Finally make money online!

Thank You & Best Wishes


The emails above represent a mere fragment of the amount of communications I receive on a daily basis from traders. The first and most important rule to remember is to choose the right binary options broker. The ones advertised on this site are all tried and tested with timely withdrawals and no cumbersome stall tactics aimed at getting you to re-invest and lose. Some are even on the SEC watch list. If you like to trade, I recommend you read the review first and then deposit.


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