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Virtnext Scam Review

Posted on by John Thiel

I’m constantly being contacted by a growing number of followers about the Virtnext algorithmic trading software. So I decided to review and test this system out myself to see if its another scam. At first glance the presenter seems to be really stretching it when saying he only lost once during the last four years.


When I hear these kinds of things I start to get the jitters and become extremely cautious, since claims such as these have usually proven to be a precursor to a much more fraudulent scheme. However, as I started digging more into this exciting new tool I found out a few interesting real-life, verified, facts.

First, I had the pleasure of talking to Steve Nichols creator of the binary profit method and a long time associate and colleague. He’s an ex-hotel executive who made it big time and is currently trading professionally from the comfort of his home-based office and making over $100,000 monthly.

He checked out the trading patterns and reassured me that these guys are on to something. I mean, he did end up losing a trade, but over all the performance of this software pretty much out guns most automated trading tools (i.e German Binary Robot, and similar systems) available today.

Secondly, before I recommended this software I took around $500 and invested myself. It came as no surprise when I had a 97% win ratio. Now, you have to understand this is highly unusual. Anytime something like this comes along you must take a chance and muster up some cash because at some point the brokers are going to wise up or someone will notice the high returns, and this opportunity will be lost for good.

Finally, just to corroborate what I experienced I also asked some of my friends to try it out and tell me what they thought. Apparently 3 out of my 4 colleagues experienced the same results. One guy was always a smart ass and wanted to use the system with some strategies a broker’s analyst gave him, and he ended up losing everything.

I also added additional criteria before giving my seal of approval:

  1. Ease of Use: Virtnext employs a highly intuitive trading dashboard  which allows you to alternate from manual to automated trading very simply. 

  2. Accuracy: The algorithm has obviously been tested since the win and payout ratios are totally off the wall.

  3. Reliability: There is no downtime or delays in displaying or transmitting the information. This is crucial for determining how good the software really is.

  4. Transparency: Everything is out in the open and available for you to see. 

  5. Assistance (Customer Support): Unlike other systems, Virtnext has amazing response times and actually respond in a courteous and professional manner.To make a long story short, Virtnext scorex amazingly high across all key performance indicators, and this just confirms what I already know. The software is extremely effective and probably hand crafted by a team of professional programers who have obviously done this before.

To conclude, in a mountain of scams and deceitful practices every now and then you have a surprising turn of events where something that actually works comes out and provides a solid return on investment. I highly recommend virtnext to novice as well as more advanced traders wanting to profit and become successful binary options traders.



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