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Binary Secret Code Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Recently we have been witnessing a growing trend of various trading systems promoting binary options and/or signal services offering a new and effective way to make money online. One of the more recent and interesting systems is called the binary secret code.

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This system was designed by an ex-engineer who has apparently developed a trading system based on algorithms he developed while working for the big binary options platforms such as Spotoption and Tradologic.

The person, Alex or whoever claims that his system guesses 10 trades out of 14 on an average trading day, while the big city boys have a 54% success ratio.

The Trading Panel
The panel itself is sleek and easy to understand. You can either open an account and trade according to the signals, or start copying trades.

The Signals
The signals alternate every 30 seconds and expire after 30 minutes and are good for all contract (60 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hours & so on). Compared to services like optionbot, binaryprocloner, binarymatrixpro, the nighthawk system and binaryautotrader, this system does not let you copy trades – although you can ask Alex to assist you personally setting up an account and he will do it.

The Service
Their customer support is very responsive and friendly. Alex was even willing to do the first 5 signals with me just to get me started. He is really driven to make the brokers payout, and this is for personal reasons. He didn’t charge me anything for the service – it was totally free.

I was able to use this system and after manually copying the trades I made $320 the first day. The second day I lost $55, and the third day I made $521.  Overall I was very surprised that this system worked for me. I know people are looking for automated trading these days, but I’m willing to put in an extra 30 minutes to make the extra cash.

I would recommend this system to anyone wanting to try out a new signal service, but it will only work if you open a new account with one of his brokers since the algorithms are designed to start calculating from a zero balance, so don’t try using it on existing accounts because it won’t work.

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