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Insured Profits is a Scam

Posted on by John Thiel

Recently I started getting a barrage of complaints from traders getting spammed by emails pushing them to try out this get-rich-quick scheme which ultimately led them to a sleazy affiliate marketing scam called Insured Profits. In this obvious scam, you have the presenter Dave is trying to sell you some hazy concept about how his friend Steve have devised some method that hedges your risks. He continues to flip a coin and talk to people in a very convincing manner about how this method makes you double the money every time you win and when you lose it only costs you 10% of the traded amount. Well, things don’t work like that in real life and you should stay clear of actors trying to sell you some cure all elixirs for your financial distress.

I know some of you are shocked because it’s very believable, but many innocent people have been fooled by this scam and buy into it every day. This is especially troubling when seemingly respectable portals and search engines allow advertisers to promote theses things, so even if you are surfing Yahoo or the Huffington Post, you need to understand that advertisers are willing to pay premium dollars to have their make money schemes publicized in premium channels.

So, here’s I how understood Insured Profits is a scam:

  1. They are not showing you anything! It’s just some marketing talk telling you how you can make a ton of money by pushing a button. Now I’m sure you’re really interested in trying it out and seeing how it works, but in reality you will just lose your money, and that is the sad truth.
  2. Who are these people? These guys Dave, Steve, and Ginny are just unknown people with no public track record of success. There is no way to validate their identity, no Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts with friends or family and no one to vouch for them.
  3. It’s just too good to be true. When you actually listen to what these people have to say, you will understand its nothing more than a hyped up scam with no real proof of success.
  4. The numbers don’t add up. If you do some quick math and compare it to a very profitable high risk and profitable portfolio with a 13% annual return on investment, you will see that the probability of something like this really happening in real life is zero.
  5. Do the research. There are so many scam alerts on this affiliate scheme that the only way you would invest is if you have zero knowledge of the business and how to look for and compare reviews

There are other giveaways and tells, for example the way the income statement is presented has nothing to do with real results, and the thing that really matters is what happens inside the broker account, but no one is showing you that.

To make a long story short, Insured Profits is just another scam very similar to a ton of other ones out there like the Mocking Bird Method, Coffee Cash Cheat, and Channel Ranger. The way to differentiate the chaff from the wheat and how to really profit is first of all to look for something that says openly binary options signals or auto-trading, and not some type of crooked hoax telling you how you can make millions with a fake system.


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