A Review of Optimarkets 60 Second Trading Feature

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A Review of Optimarkets 60 Second Trading Feature

Posted on by John Thiel

Originally when I started trading 60 second options I was amazed by the amount of excitement and action I missed out on with my previous broker. But specifically with Optimarkets I had an even more delightful experience because the staff was so friendly and professional

Optimarkets - 60 Seconds

When trading 60 second options at Optimarkets you immediately understand that everything is exactly the same as you would have with the standard digital options High/Low or Above/Beyond format, only your contract expires in 1 minute. Now, if you ask some of my colleagues they will tell you that this is speculative betting or borderline gambling, but it’s not quite.

I mean let’s say in invest $1,000 on an EUR/USD put option because you think the European economy is going down the tube. There is really no way of predicting what will happen the next minute! Still, it is a rush so I look at it as a type of game full of action.

Before you consider investing you may want to check out the reviews section and see what you can expect from this broker. Additionally, there is a fantastic strategy section and your can pick the strategy that is best for you depending on the assets or type of trading you are considering utilizing (Forex, Indices & so on).

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