Free Money System is a Scam

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Free Money System is a Scam

Posted on by John Thiel

The free money system presented by Walter Green is a very convincing and elaborate binary options scam, and the affiliate marketers who are behind it are extremely effective con artists who will steal your money in a New York minute if you are not web savvy and aware of your environment and how things work. In fact, it was so successful at deceiving innocent people, that it is one of the most copied and sought after videos among binary options affiliates.

The original version actually told you you can choose a broker and gave you the option of three or four, however the one that is in circulation now and constantly bombarded with sleazy spam emails selling you fake stories of wealth and riches conceals the fact that you are registering for a broker, and let’s you think you are signing up for the software. For me that is the worst possible thing you can do to a person, and alarm bells should go off the second you understand how this nasty scheme works.

Alright so here’s a screenshot of member’s area in the original scam compared to the copied one:

Free Money System

Now, it’s plain to see that the copied version will be significantly less effective than the original and that’s because it does not plainly state that the registration is for a broker account. The original version does a much better job screening the viewers that are less likely to buy into the scam, because they are being more transparent so at least in this case people know what they are getting into.

Still, both versions are frauds, if you try clicking the logos below the registration form you will see nothing happens, and in the original the countdown timer is an outdated trick designed to lure you in. It works much the same way a store may have a “limited time offer”, only you actually touch and feel what you are buying as opposed to this cheap hat trick.

OK moving along, just so you know binary options systems of this nature are totally fraudulent and are viewed by affiliates and brokers as a kind of cash cow used to suck unsuspecting people into a sea of deception and lies while attempting to solicit them to deposit or fund their trading account under totally false pretenses.

To demonstrate, here’s another clear indication of a scam where this Walter Green, AKA the Green Machine is telling you this so called invisible system has “created 152 new millionaires, earning $189 million in pure profit – in the last 90 days”. And guess what, this system is being offered to you completely free, all you have to do is register with a broker as seen in the image above. Please make a note, if anyone is offering you a way to become a millionaire in a short time stay the hell away from it because you will get ripped off by conniving thieves and dirty brokers that will do anything to get their hands on your money.

So, how does this system work and is it presented in a clear and transparent fashion? Well if the answer is no then you can bet your bottom dollar you are being coerced by false advertising into gambling your money away. I mean, would you cash out your savings and put it on a craps table, I wouldn’t and I’m sure you would have serious reservations about that as well. But with gambling you know exactly what you are getting into and the level of risk involved, with binary options if you don’t have a clear strategy and a good signals or automated trading tool you will end up losing money.

Summing up, binary options trading is considered a very high risk yet potentially very profitable niche. If you are new to this and have been exposed to the Free Money System scam and the so called Walter Green, Insured Profits, Binary Matrix Pro, or Oz Robot because you happened to be looking to make additional income from home or altogether quit your day job and become a professional trader, make sure to take a step back and look for alternative and more reliable systems to profit online.

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