Quantum Code is a Scam! Review Exposes Fake App

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Quantum Code is a Scam! Review Exposes Fake App

Posted on by John Thiel

The quantum code software and Michael Crawford has been recently reviewed by industry leading sites and deemed to be a confirmed binary options investment SCAM. We have also examined this fake app and found it to be especially out of touch with realistic elements and filled with half-truths and lies. The software has been exposed, and it is a rehash of an older scam called the Terran Capitals Scam, and the people behind it are most likely the same crowd of nasty cyber-goons behind other scams such as the Push Money app with Dennis Moreland.

Official Scam Site: http://thequantumcode.net/

What is Behind the Scam?
Well, the end goal behind the quantum code app is to get you to register and fund a trading account with one of the recommended brokers. It has absolutely nothing to do with Quantum Theory or coding. This is just a way for savvy marketers to get their commissions, but in binary options if you don’t have a solid strategy you will fail miserably, and the various auto-traders out there are useless and won’t get you anywhere. Signals on the other hand are a different matter and can help you get winning trades in.

Fake Trading Software Exposed
So, as can be seen in the image below the Quantum Code software is a replica of other scams like escape the rat race and azure method.


This is called a white label where the program is provided to marketers who understand how to attract customers. In the end what you have is the same SCAM software being rehashed and re-used by different marketers. It all looks the same with exception to the color palette, and needless to say the accuracy levels, performance, and integrity of the system is practically null.

$QTM getting hype due to new product launches http://www.binaryscamalerts.com/quantum-code-scam-legit-review-software/

— John Thiel (@binaryoptionsreports) Jul. 2 at 04:43 PM

Review Summary and Conclusions
In light of this evidence we are recommending all our members and viewers avoid the Quantum Code software and app as well as Michael Crawford the fake CEO and wanna-be millionaire. Similar to other systems such as https://immediateedge.ai/, believe it is a dangerous app that will steal your money and send you on your merry way.



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