Top 5 Performing Stock: Analysts Picks for a Long Hold

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Top 5 Performing Stock: Analysts Picks for a Long Hold

Posted on by John Thiel

The following stocks have been consistent performers for the past year and show no signs of regressing. They all show up on the asset indexes of the leading binary options brokers available online today. 24Option, Traderush, and Anyoption are just a few examples.


1. Google (GOOG)
This stock has performed amazingly the past year, and it due partly to the fact that it has recently won an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). More importantly, effective online advertising techniques and migration of customers from desktop advertisements to mobile which Google has heavily invested in have both contributed to growth. More than 50% of all smartphones in the U.S. market today run on Google’s Android operating system. Furthermore, Google+ and Youtube continue to be engines of grown and generated massive income for share holders.


2. JPMorgan (JPM)

According to Nasdaq guru Peter Lynch, JPM stock gets a passing score on projected EPS growth rate and sales ratios. This stock is a “fast grower” with favorable estimates and a whopping growth rate of 31.8% based on historical data. The biggest investment bank in the world has not only demonstrated resilience in the face of global economic distraught, it has continually out-performed analyst predictions and therefore I highly recommend holding on to this stock if you are lucky enough to own it.

3. Bank of America (BAC)

Wall Street analyst Martin Zweig recommends holding on to this stock until it reaches a close price: $11.55. Based on previous historical revenue growth in relation to EPS growth as well as a strong quarterly earnings reports from the previous year, I would recommend holding on to this stock. Let’s not forget that BAC acquired Merrill Lynch and will be capitalizing on assets from that acquisition for a long time to come. While at the time Bank of America absorbed losses due to decreased cash flow at the time, it is now reaping the rewards from that costly investment.

4. Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon has continued it’s almost magic streak, and with an upward trend that just wont quit this stock just had its rating massively elevated by Morgan Stanley. AMZN is up ~$8.42 per share or app. 3.24/5% to $267.6 when I wrote this post. This Goliath of a web services company now has a market cap of approximately $121 Billion. Unfortunately APPL has experienced the opposite effect and shows no signs of moving upwards.

5. Disney (DIS)

The Motley Fool brothers give Disney stock a passing grade on both cash flow from operations, as well as profit margin consistency. This is evident in their stock performance and these guys have been solid performers with share holders and pensioners holding on to this stock. Financial advisers consistently recommend it as a blue chip stock and incorporate it into their strategic investments portfolios.

As binary options traders looking to diversify your earnings, the relative high risk and high reward nature of exotic options my seem like a crap shoot at times. However, if you can afford to take a risk and would like to see an extremely high ROI, digital options are  becoming one of the more popular financial instruments available online today for day traders wanting to make a shift from Forex, all the way to investment officers and entrepreneurs wanting to try a new and exciting avenue for making money online.

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*Disclosure: I own Disney and Google stock.
**All information and analysis is true to the time I wrote this article.



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